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Welcome to Virtual Memorial Garden...

A place to create an online virtual memorial for a lost loved one. This site has been created for the preservation and continuation of the love we will always have for our departed loved ones. This is a place where you can build an online virtual memorial in remembrance; A place where visitors with a common bond can share their losses. We can continue to celebrate those lives... Post an online virtual memorial and invite a friend to view it.

Posting a memorial on this site is absolutely free and always will be. I know what it feels like losing somebody that means the world to you.

I dedicated this site to my father, Albert Emery Cook, who passed away in 1996 from lung cancer. I will keep his memory alive for as long as possible. I chose this way to do that. Follow this link to to start creating your online virtual memorial today: Start Here

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Poems For Free
by Nicholas Gordon

-= Memorial Features =-

Your memorial will include:

  • No cost to create and update a memorial
  • An image upload of your loved one
  • A Guestbook for visitors to leave messages
  • The ability for viewers to leave flowers
  • The guarantee that your memorial will remain safe

When you create and submit a memorial our Memorial Gaurdian will review and approve it. The approval process can take a day or two, so please be patient. Once the memorial has been approved you will receive an email from us stating that it can now be accessed on our web site. This approval process is also used when visitors leave flowers or sign a guestbook. This is how content is filtered and how this site remains safe for all who visit this site. Thank you very much.

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